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To fill game levels with detail and fine craftsmanship in the form of models, materials and animation.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Game Art & Design Major, Art Institute of Atlanta,
3.5 GPA, Cum Laude
Atlanta, GA, 2011

Job Experience

Projectionist & Assistant Manager, Plourde Century Theater, Fort Kent ME, May 2014 – present

  • Operate digital cinema projector.
  • Prepare custom and industry media for projector system.
  • Run concessions and ticket sales.
  • Responsible for closing down the business in the evenings

North Carolina Health Benefits Representative, Ameridial/Benefitfocus, Sept 2013 - Jan 2014

  • Assist state retirees & state employees apply for insurance.
  • Reset member passwords.
  • Report and seek solutions to member’s issues.

Graphic Designer, Fiddlehead Focus, Sept 2012 – Aug 2013

  • Build ads under strict deadlines using Adobe Photoshop and Abode Illustrator for newsprint and web.
  • Process photos and ads for CMYK and black & white newsprint.
  • Insert ads into page layouts using Adobe InDesign and/or Microsoft Publisher.

Web Master, Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races, 2008-2014

  • Programmed basic website layout in CSS and HTML
  • Preformed regular updates and posting
  • Basic photo/graphic manipulation

IT Assistant, Fort Kent Community High School, Fort Kent, ME, Jun-Aug 2007

  • Summer job working closely with IT Director
  • Install computer drivers/firmware and software
  • Organize classroom networks
Mod Experience

Environmental Artist and Designer, Firearms: Source 2.0, May 2011 - Oct 2013

  • Work closely with Level Designers and Programmers to develop levels and gameplay
  • Create and implement 3D models and materials into environments
  • Optimize game environments to improve performance and gameplay
  • Provide game design input and critique